Disco Setup & Video Walkthrough

Although I regularly post recent gigs on my DJ website blog I still get asked by people who are looking to book me what will my setup look like at their gig, well my solution is to produce this page and update it regularly! The reason for this is apparently is that a few other DJ and Disco providers (especially agency’s cant supply images of what you will get!) have out of date images and what turns up is not what is expected.

Reassuringly for my clients I always provide a full detailed proposal / booking confirmation with images, this allows you to know exactly what you are getting each and every time.

This page was last updated: April 2018

Picture & Video 1

Full Wedding / Party setup – This option takes on average two full hours to setup and test, if you are wishing to have this look please ensure I have access to setup at least two and a half hours prior to the start time. (Setup time 120 minutes, pack down time 90 minutes)

This video shows a full walk through of my full setup

Picture and Video 2

Compact DJ Setup – Although its far above the industry standard, my standard setup is designed for venues with a reduced area for setup or where budget is an issue. (Setup time 45 minutes, pack down time 25 minutes)

This video shows the effect of the lighting on the compact setup.

Picture 3 & 4

Alternative options are available picture 3 and 4 below are a fairly popular option for larger rooms. This setup takes up to two hours to setup but does give a massive visual wow factor. This setup is used for my bigger parties such as School Proms.

Video 3

This video shows this alternative version from the view of the dancefloor.

Enhanced Party Setup – Designed for events such as Proms or Parties where a more practical setup is required for large dance floors and a large number of people. This setup often has additional speakers. (Setup time 90 minutes, pack down 60 minutes)