DJ Shropshire Videos

Videos from events DJ Cheese has been DJing at

These videos are a selection of videos available, you will find lots more videos on my DJ blog  where you will also find lots of pictures for each gig I work at.

A Selection of Videos: See Blog for lots more recent ones!

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Our Seriously Fabulous Wedding Package

Why not make you event look the most amazing?

18th Birthday Party October 2017

Christmas Party Videos 2018

11th Birthday Party January 2018

Christmas Party Videos 2017

Filmed at The Lion Hotel Shrewsbury by DJ Cheese, Reef Put Your Hands Up

Filmed at The Lion Hotel Shrewsbury by DJ Cheese, Queen Don’t stop me now

A lighting setup option

An Example of a full disco lighting rig, Room Mood lighting and Sound System

Wedding Dance Floor as it should be 🙂

80s / 90s Retro Party Night @ Weston Village Clubhoue

Some parties and events during 2017

Tribute night DJ sets atfter the artist has been on for

New Years Eve 2016 @ Weston Village Clubhouse

Christmas Party Videos 2016

Back to the 80’s Night videos in Oswestry @ Weston Village Clubhouse

1st Friday of the Month @ Weston Village Clubhouse is 80’s & 90’s Nights

At the end of a night as the last few are about to go and get their taxi home