Helicopter Pilot Graduation Disco March 2018

Helicopter Pilot Graduation Disco March 2018

Wednesday 28th March 2018 I provided a Disco for the Graduation Party at a Shropshire Helicopter Pilot training base, this involved an early arrival at 16:00, providing me just enough time to put in my full main setup. Music started at 19:00 and went through to 01:30, a bit later than originally planned.

The event was a huge success with the dance floor full from early on, the party had a 90s theme and as such many of the attendees were dressed in 90s themed costumes such as power Rangers, Telly Tubies, Pop Stars and various other incarnations! (I saw a velociraptor on the dance floor at one point!)

Helicopter Pilot Graduation Disco Music Policy

I was informed that the night was to be a 90s themed night so the vast majority of the music was classic 90s Dance, Britpop and Chart, but as the night approached the last hour we moved to general party, sing a long and floor fillers from through the decades.

Videos of the Helicopter Pilot Graduation Disco Party

During the evening I took a couple of videos
Video 1 – Disco from Dancefloor View

Video 2 – Country Roads Sing-A-Long

Video 3 – Wigfield Saturday Night Dance

Pictures of the Helicopter Pilot Graduation Disco Party

These pictures were taken at various points through the event

Helicopter Pilot Graduation Disco Setup

As mentioned this event had my full Disco setup, which looked amazing where I was located and took full advantage of the high ceilings.

Disco DJ Equipment Used

Pioneer XDJ RX DJ Controller
2 x Yamaha DXR12 Speakers
2 x Yamaha DXS15 Subs
Equinox DJ Truss Booth
2 x ADJ Ultrabar 9’s
2 x Novo Pro DJ Plinths with white scrims
2 x ADJ LED Inno Pocket Spot Twins Two sets of two moving head lights
1 x ADJ Starburst LED Lighting Fixture
1 x ADJ Vertigo LED Lighting Fixture
8 x ADJ LED Mega Tripar Profile Plus RGBU LED lights (backdrop / mood lighting)

Helicopter Pilot Graduation Disco March 2018