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Welcome to my DJ Blog, in September 2017 I decided to start creating an ongoing Blog of Parties, Weddings and Events I DJ at, unfortunaly I dont have the time to go back and add Weddings and Events prior to this date! That said my DJ Cheese Facebook page does have posts going back further.

Mobile DJ Blog here!
Wedding DJ Blog here!

Personally, I think itโ€™s important that my potential customers can see a whole host of previous recent gigs and the best way I can do this is by producing a DJ Gig Blog of each event, with the exception of gigs where the client has asked for me not to publish a DJ Gig Blog, you will find every recent gig I have done complete with a description of the event, where the event was, equipment used, pictures of the event from the DJ Booths perspective and sometimes a short video.

Images of previous DJ Events:

Want to find recent events that are similar to what you are hosting? Click on the relevent heading below and it will take you to recent events that match what you are looking for.
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Birthday Parties (Ages 19 to 110)
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Feel free to share any of these pages / images on Social Media, all I ask is you link to the page or tag me ๐Ÿ˜Š

I have recently tried to try and separate the DJ Gig Blogs in to two sections, one for Wedding DJ events and one for mobile DJ events. Simply click on the link that you would like to look at below and you will find the relevant DJ Blogs.

Hopefully you find this interesting and maybe it can help you decide to book me as your DJ for your event.

Mobile DJ Blog here
Wedding DJ Blog here

Know a friend who is looking for a DJ for an event? Show them my blog, itโ€™s only fair they get a chance to book me! ๐Ÿ˜‰