Marquee Wedding DJ

Experienced in supplying Marquee Wedding DJ Services, DJ Cheese has the knowledge and experience to deliver an amazing party in your Marquee. Utilising top of the range Sound and Lighting systems and more than happy to work alongside other wedding service providers.

Marquee Wedding Setup

A Recent Marquee Weddings

Marquee Wedding DJ

Marquee Wedding DJ

Marquee Wedding DJ Visual Experience

Ensuring you have an immersive and visually stunning event, we ensure our Marquee Wedding DJ services and offerings are a step above what is expected.

Marquee Wedding DJ

Marquee Wedding DJ

Meet your Marquee Wedding DJ

I am more than happy to meet clients prior to any Marquee Wedding DJ event, ensuring all details are covered and installing confidence so the client knows exactly how the day will go.

Marquee Wedding DJ Equipment

Pioneer XDJ RX DJ Controller
2 x Yamaha DXR12 Speakers
2 x Yamaha DXS15 Subs
Equinox DJ Truss Booth
2 x ADJ Ultrabar 9’s
2 x Novo Pro DJ Plinths with white scrims
2 x ADJ LED Inno Pocket Spot Twins Two sets of two moving head lights
1 x ADJ Starburst LED Lighting Fixture
1 x ADJ Vertigo LED Lighting Fixture
8 x ADJ LED Mega Tripar Profile Plus RGBU LED lights (backdrop / mood lighting)
Utilising the latest technology available, high end sound systems and fabulous lighting effects is a must and I am always upgrading my equipment and investing in the newest and best to ensure my Marquee Wedding DJ Service is second to none.

A picture of this listed setup is show above

Marquee Wedding DJ Areas Covered

I am available to be booked across the UK for Marquee Weddings DJ Services, the following list is where most of the events I work at are located.

West Midlands

Contact me today either via email (, Telephone (07711204011), Text (07711204011) or WhatsApp (07711204011).

Marquee Wedding DJ