Shrewsbury Golf Club Wedding DJ November 2018

Shrewsbury Golf Club Wedding DJ November 2018

Monday 19th November 2018 was the Wedding of Michael & Paignton in a marquee at the fabulous Shrewsbury Golf Club, Condover, Shropshire. Supplying my full day and night package starting at 2:30pm with background music for guest arrival and working through the last dance of the evening at 11:00pm.

Wedding DJ Overview Video

This short video shows the setup I used for this wedding and what it looked like.

Shrewsbury Golf Club Wedding DJ Setup & Venue Photos

A selection of photos I took while setting up and of the setup.

Shrewsbury Golf Club Wedding Afternoon & Evening Photos

This selection of photos were taken mainly from the DJ booth.

Wedding First Dance

Its great to get everyone up and around the dancefloor for the first dance.

Wedding First Dance

Wedding DJ Equipment

As you have seen in the overview video above, I have used a contemporary setup at this wedding with two truss plinths and the truss-based DJ booth. Which I feel gave a fab effect and look.

Equipment List:
Pioneer XDJ RX DJ Controller
Yamaha DXR12 1100w Speakers x2
Mackie SRM1850 1800w Sub
Equinox Truss Booth
1.5m Quad truss plinths x2
ADJ Starburst LED Feature Light
ADJ Inno Spot Twins Moving Head Lighting Feature
ADJ Ultrabar 12 LED Lighting Bar x2
ADJ Mega Profile Plus LED Par Cans x8
Shure SM58 Microphone
Pioneer HDJ-X5 headphones

Wedding Selfie

A quick selfie with the bride & groom!

Wedding Selfie with Bride & Groom

Shrewsbury Golf Club Wedding DJ November 2018