Wedding DJ Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury

Wedding DJ Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury

Wedding DJ Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury

Saturday 18th August 2018 I provided my evening Wedding DJ package to Victoria & Chris at The Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury, this wedding had the full wedding wow factor with not only my full Wedding Setup which looked amazing but this was complimented by a very shinny and sparkling LED dancefloor, Giant 5’ LED ‘LOVE’ letters witch had 4 way LED bulbs making amazing lighting combinations and a whole host of other wedding favourites such as a photo booth (additional products supplied by Little Gem FX Shrewsbury). As you can see from the room pictures I took below this wedding had visual wow factor by the bucket loads!

Evening Only Wedding DJ

My initial setup time was scheduled for 5:30pm and a start time of 7:30pm for some upbeat background music following an acoustic trio who performed a 30-minute set, we however had a slight delay as the speeches did not finish until 6:30 which meant I had to get busy on setup and get it all done in super-fast time (Usually takes two hours)! Straight after the cutting of the cake we went to first dance followed by a mother daughter dance.

The dance floor was busy all night with the party going through to half past midnight and finishing on the first dance tune with close family and friends gathered around the dancefloor singing along. In my opinion its really nice when you can finish with everyone involved opposed to simply the music ending, it provides that extra special ending and makes a couple more amazing memories. When given the opportunity I try and encourage bride and grooms to this. As you can see from the video below it really makes to a special ending of a most wonderful day.

Wedding DJ Music Selection

I was provided with a play list of certain tunes that Vicky & Chris wanted me to include, I did however have the wrong remix version of one of them! (Note to future brides – Please let me know exact name of tune e.g. remix version if there are various versions!) Otherwise everything went smoothly with lots of requests being played with the exception of a couple which were on the no play list. 😉

Wedding DJ Videos Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury

As always, I like to try and take a few videos during the event, usually starting with one where I’m doing a bit of a tour of the room, setup and venue. Unfortunately, due to time constraints I was not able to produce a video tour as I would have liked this time which is a shame as it truly was a visual wow and would of made for a fabulous video! I did however manage to record an introduction and a couple of short films of the wedding dancefloor throughout the evening including the final dance.

Introduction by me DJ Cheese

Family and friends dancing and sing along to ‘I’m in the mood for dancing’

Always a dance floor classic – Queen with ‘Don’t stop me now’

Last dance of the night – making those very special memories.

Wedding DJ Venue / Setup Photos Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury

Here are a few photos of what the Wedding DJ Setup and room looked like.

Wedding DJ Dance Floor Photos Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury

With a busy dancefloor throughout the night I had an absolute load a fabulous picture to choose from, here are a selection of photos I took from the DJ Booth of the Wedding Dancefloor.

Wedding DJ Equipment Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury

Vicky and Chris decided that they would like my full Wedding Setup and it was the perfect fit for their wedding disco.

Pioneer XDJ RX DJ Controller
2 x Yamaha DXR12 Speakers
2 x Yamaha DXS15 Subs
Equinox DJ Truss Booth
2 x ADJ Ultrabar 12’s
2 x Novo Pro DJ Plinths with white scrims
1 x ADJ Starburst LED Lighting Fixture
1 x ADJ Vertigo LED Lighting Fixture
1 x Chauvet Funfetti Confetti Cannon
16 x ADJ LED Mega Tripar Profile Plus RGBU LED lights (backdrop / mood lighting)

Wedding DJ Photo at Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury

Wedding DJ view Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury August 2018

Wedding DJ Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury