Wedding DJ Forden Village Hall Powys

Wedding DJ Forden Village Hall Powys

Saturday 25th August 2018 was Steven & Hannah’s wedding at Forden Village Hall Powys and I was asked to provide my Wedding DJ services. Working along side the fabulous Acoustic Duo of Sarah and Martyn in the late afternoon and then a 4-piece band in the evening this wedding had a lot of great music setting for an inviting and memorable atmosphere.

I decided to setup at 9am the morning of the wedding as that way everything was in place and ready prior to any guest arrival, additionally allowing the Bride and Groom to benefit from the room mood lighting being in place throughout the day and night.

Upon arriving at 5:30pm the speeches were just underway, quickly followed by Sarah and Martyn’s last set. Once completed I started my first set with some upbeat background music, I decided to DJ that set properly opposed to simply putting on a play list as it allowed me to tailor the music to the guests and sure enough within a couple of tunes we had people on the dance floor.

At 8pm the bride and groom had their first dance with all their friends and family up around the dance floor making it a truly magical first dance. Following the first dance I moved into an upbeat set of wedding dance floor fillers keeping the floor busy for the next 20 minutes whilst the band finished setup and then took over. The band (Unfortunately I did not get their name!) first set was for 1 hour so I took a short break. Returning for the bands intermission to do another DJ set for 20 minutes and then taking over following their last set through to 1am.

Music Policy Wedding DJ Forden Powys

Having meet with Steven and Hannah prior to the wedding I knew exactly what they wanted me to play at the various points of the wedding and this helped ensure I delivered exactly what they wanted.

Both Steven and Hannah did ask me during the evening to repeat a couple of their favourite tunes again during the last hour which I was only too happy to do, it was their wedding day!

Wedding DJ Video Forden Powys

Once I had finished setting up the DJ Equipment and Lighting I produced this short video.

Room and Setup Pictures Wedding DJ Forden Powys

These pictures are of the Wedding DJ Setup used, room, Acoustic Duo and Band. I switched on all my DJ Lights for the band so it provided that extra visual wow factor.

Wedding DJ Dance Floor Pictures Forden Powys

During the evening I took a couple of pictures from the Wedding DJ Booth, unfortunately I did not get any of the first dance or during the first dance when I fired the confetti cannon! I’m just too busy at that point.

Wedding DJ Equipment Used

Pioneer XDJ RX DJ Controller
Yamaha DXR12 Speakers x 2
Yamaha DXS15 Subs x 2
Equinox Truss Booth
ADJ Ultrabar 12 LED Lighting Bars x 2
Chauvet Gigbar LED Lighting System
Chauvet 4Play LED Moonflower Lighting Feature
ADJ LED Inno Pocket Spot Twins Two sets of two moving head lights x 2
ADJ LED Mega Tripar Profile Plus RGBU LED lights (backdrop / mood lighting) x 12
Chauvet Funfetti Confetti Cannon

Wedding DJ Forden Village Hall Powys

This is a picture I took during the Wedding that shows off the lighting I provided really well.

View accross the wedding dance floor

Wedding DJ Forden Village Hall Powys