Wedding DJ The Riverside Aymestrey Herefordshire

Wedding DJ The Riverside Aymestrey Herefordshire September 2018

Saturday 8th September 2018 was the Wedding of Hollie and Chris Thorpe at the lovely Riverside at Aymestrey and I was asked to provide my Wedding DJ services for the evening. It was the first time I have been to The Riverside Aymestrey as a Wedding DJ and I’m really surprised by that fact as its such a fabulous venue in a great location and I get to go to the all best wedding venues!

I arrived at The Riverside just after 5pm, as always with weddings the schedule had slipped slightly so it was around 6:30pm before I could setup fully. Due to the fabulously qwerky nature of the old building I was unable to use my Wedding DJ Booth and in fact I had to modify the setup slightly to ensure everything looked amazing by scrapping my original setup plans and tailoring them to the room.

A week or so before I had been provided with a list of music that the bride and groom and some of their guests would like, this playlist formed the basis for the evenings music. The evenings music was split in to two sections, the first was upbeat background music from 7:30 to 9pm for evening guest arrival and then following the first dance at 9pm it was straight on to full on disco party time through to midnight.

Wedding DJ Video Introduction The Riverside Aymestrey Herefordshire

As time was tight after setup and the start of the evenings upbeat background music had to get started I was unable to produce the normal after DJ setup video tour I do so I produced a quick pre-setup video.

Wedding DJ 1st Set The Riverside Aymestrey Herefordshire

Prior to the first dance I DJed live an upbeat set during evening guest arrival and instantly had a couple of guests on the dancefloor and requesting a couple of sing-a-long tunes. This video was taken around 8pm about an hour prior to the first dance.

Wedding DJ Dance Floor Videos

The dancefloor was banging all night long with guests making the most of the evening.

Around 8:30pm we had an 80s set which was popular with guests across the ages.

The bride and the bridesmaids made the most of the party tunes during the night!

With such a vibrant dancefloor we obviously had a few sing-a-long classics

Its always really nice if you can finish the evening on a high and what I like to try and encourage is having a finishing tune with the bride and groom centre of attention and their friends and family around the dancefloor.

Wedding DJ Venue Pictures The Riverside Aymestrey Herefordshire

After setup was complete I took a couple of quick photos around the venue.

Wedding DJ Dancefloor Photos The Riverside Aymestrey Herefordshire

Here is a small selection of the photos I took during the evening from and around the Wedding DJ Booth area.

Wedding DJ Equipment

I’m passionate about my DJing and absolutely refuse to DJ using a keyboard and mouse, using state of the art Pioneer DJ decks allows me to be really in touch with my wedding dancefloor.

Pioneer XDJ RX DJ Controller
Yamaha DXR12 Speakers x 2
ADJ UB12 LED Lighting Bar
Novo Pro DJ Plinths with white scrim
ADJ LED Inno Pocket Spot Twins Two sets of two moving head lights
ADJ LED Mega Tripar Profile Plus RGBU LED lights (room mood lighting) x 6

Wedding DJ Herefordshire

This was one of my favourite Wedding DJ pictures of the day.

Wedding DJ The Riverside Aymestrey

Wedding DJ The Riverside Aymestrey Herefordshire September 2018